We are currently working on new maps of Springfield's greenway trails and on-street bike route network. Stay posted here!

LetsGoSmart Google Map - Greenways, on-street routes, the Link, bus stops

Printable PDF Map - Greenways & on-street routes

We're excited about the Planning Department's development of an 8-mile north/south "Link" bike/ped corridor, connecting Doling Park to Cox South! More "spokes" of The Link will develop in other directions in the future.

Want to schedule a trail event? Contact Parks at (417) 864-1049 or Email Catherine.
To schedule an event on the Frisco Highline Trail only, contact Terry at (417) 864-2014 or Email Terry.


Frisco Highline Trail - 35 miles - National Recreation Trail

PDF MAP This is Missouri's second longest Rail-Trail, connecting Springfield to Bolivar, 35 miles. Surface is compact crushed gravel, similar to the Katy Trail. Hybrid tires work best on the unpaved sections, but mountain and road bikes are fine too. Two sections of the trail are paved: 4 miles in Bolivar, and 8 miles from Springfield to Willard. Trailhead parking lots are located in Springfield (3845 W. Kearney), Willard, Walnut Grove, Wishart and Bolivar. www.friscohighlinetrail.org

Galloway Creek Greenway - 6 miles - National Recreation Trail

PDF MAP Runs north-south in southeast Springfield, from Pershing Middle School to the Nature Center and the Old Iron Bridge over the James River. It also connects to a short section of the James River Greenway. (Note: The Nature Center does NOT allow bikes or dogs onto their trails.)

South Creek Greenway - 8 miles - National Recreation Trail

PDF MAP Runs east-west/southwest through the middle of Springfield, starting at McDaniel Park Trailhead at National & Sunset, linking Nathanael Greene Park/Close Memorial Park, Botanical Center, Japanese Gardens, Horton Smith Golf Course, Carver Middle School and many neighborhoods. Experience the overlook from the Kansas Expressway overpass!

South Dry Sac Greenway - 3 miles total

PDF MAP Lost Hill Park Trailhead is on Grant Avenue, north of Hillcrest High School. Three sections are open: 1-mile section connecting on the east side of Ritter Springs Park going east under Highway 13 to Farm Rd 141 at David C. Murray Trailhead; the 1.5-mile section from Lost Hill to Truman Elementary School; and a 1/4-mile section at Valley Water Mill/The Watershed Center. (Some day we hope this all connects from Ritter Springs Park to Valley Water Mill.)

Ward Branch Greenway - 3 miles total

PDF MAP There are currently two sections of this trail: one mile in Shadowood Subdivision, from Twin Oaks Substation to the Library Center on south Campbell (goes under Campbell), and nearly two miles from Wanda Gray School to Rivercut. There is hope for connection.

James River Greenway - 2 miles

PDF MAP The first mile of this trail connects to Galloway Creek Greenway, west of the old iron James River bridge. The north end of the trail currently connects to Gasconade Road, which crosses back over Highway 65. The trail is planned to head north up the James River.

James River Water Trail (on the river) - 6 miles

PDF MAP Not for hiking and biking, but for canoeing and kayaking! Yes, the river: a 6-mile route on the James River from Joe Crighton Access to Lake Springfield marina. The river is a wonderful resource, in our backyard! It's fun to float, terrific urban wildlife habitat, and a vital water source for drinking and living. Canoes and kayaks can be rented spring to fall at Lake Springfield Park, North Shore Access (417) 891-1550. Check out their programs.

Jordan Creek Greenway - 2 miles

PDF MAP Current open sections are: from Smith Park to OTC, and through Jordan Valley Park to Jefferson Avenue. This trail is planned to continue it's way southwesterly, eventually under Chestnut Expressway, then through the planned West Meadows part of Jordan Valley Park, and on to connect with Wilson's Creek Greenway and eventually South Creek Greenway.

Wilson's Creek Greenway - 2 miles

PDF MAP There are two miles of trail, with Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park as its trailhead. There is also another short section between the Cruse Dog Park and Ewing Park. Construction is underway to extend the trail a mile to the southwest.

Sac River Mountain Bike Trail - 8 miles dirt singletrack

PDF MAP This 300-acre Springfield-Greene County city park offers over 8 miles of interconnecting single-track trail through the woods in northwest Springfield. Built by volunteers in 1996, it's popular with mountain bikers from beginner to advanced, and for hiking. Area perimeter is about 2 miles. Trailhead's off Highway 13, three miles north of I-44. Watch for the brown highway sign marking westbound turn onto an un-named road.

Rules of the Trails