Help Us Make Springfield Bike Friendly

It's exciting to see Springfield's network of bike routes and greenway trails continue to expand, connecting more people and places! We want to show how leaving your car behind once in a while (or even on a regular basis) is fun, good for your waistline, wallet, and the environment. And the more people use the network, the more facilities we'll get!

May 11-15, Join us for Bike to Work Week 2015*

Join Ozark Greenways' fun free challenge to get to work or school without your car at least one day during national Bike to Work Week. Whether by biking, walking, taking the bus, carpooling, telecommuting or any combination. We'd like to show you how.

Register your workplace, school, or organization
By emailing us at:

Each year about 1,500 people participate! We'd love to have you join our growing list of businesses, schools and organizations who support Springfield's alternative transportation choices. Participating actually makes a difference in helping create a more bike-friendly and alternative transportation-friendly Springfield.

Report back to us when the week is done
Please join us, and email us your results when the week is over to be eleigible for prizes! Everyone who reports the days and modes they participate once the week is over will receive a Panera Bread voucher for a free coffee and bagel, or cookie!

Perks for participating
In addition to the Panera Bread voucher for a free bagel & coffee or cookie, anyone traveling with their bike can ride the city bus for free all that week. City buses have easy-to-use bike racks right on the front. All Cox Fitness Centers and Ozarks Regional YMCA's will allow anyone who is participating to use their shower facilities that week too.

Questions about routes?
Check out the developing route map. If you have questions about routes, let us know.

*School participation - If you're with a school, feel free to participate the week before. We're glad to have so many students who love to bike and walk to school.

Come along and enjoy the ride!