Help Us Make Springfield Bike Friendly

It's exciting for Ozark Greenways to see such popular support for the increase of alternative transportation options in Springfield! Our goal is to show people that leaving their car behind once in a while (or even on a regular basis) isn't as hard as one might think in a community like ours, where a network of greenway trails and on-street bike routes continues to grow, connecting people and places.

Bicycles & Brews is the second annual bike festival, hosted by English Management, on Springfield's downtown Square Saturday, May 10, details at

May 12-16, Participate in Bike to Work Week 2014*

Join Ozark Greenways in our fun annual challenge to get to work or school without your car at least one day during national Bike to Work Week. Whether by biking, walking, taking the bus, carpooling, telecommuting or a combination, many people try this challenge and find it not only enjoyable, but also a good choice for their waistline, wallet and the environment.

Last year we had over 1,500 people participate! We'd love to have you register the name of your workplace or school to our growing list of local businesses, schools and organizations that support Springfield's alternative transportation choices. Participating actually does make a difference in helping create a more bike and alternative transportation-friendly Springfield. Find out if your workplace or school has already registered.

Registered participants get a Panera Bread voucher for a free coffee and bagel or cookie... yum. And people traveling with their bike that week can ride the city bus for free all week! All the buses have bike racks on the front that are super easy to use.

We're excited about the Springfield Planning Department's development of The Link, an 8-mile north/south biking and pedestrian corridor connect Doling Park to Cox South! Check out Springfield's new bike route map.

We look forward to hearing the stories and seeing the photos on our Facebook page about the experiences that week.

*School participation - If you're with a school and the event falls on the last week of school for you, feel free to participate the week prior. We're glad to have so many students who love to participate by biking and walking to school.

Come along and enjoy the ride!